Aalto internal Seed funding 2019 call

In Autumn 2019, Aalto internal seed funding is available for major consortia project proposal planning.

The total budget for this call is €300 000. The funding is targeted to be used by the end of 2020. Detailed descriptions of the call deadline, eligibility criteria, application, and evaluation process are available in the Aalto’s internal webpages.

Funding for major project proposal planning, deadline 06.09.2019

Aalto University offers financial support for the preparation of major, interdisciplinary consortia proposals seeking funding from external funding agencies (primarily international funding agencies) or industry. The Aalto internal seed funding is targeted for covering expenses arising from the preparation of the proposal (salaries, equipment, purchases, building a proof of concept — anything that improves the proposal’s quality and chances of getting external funding). Seed funding proposals can be granted for up to 10 proposals in this 2019 autumn call.

The applications are evaluated by Aalto University’s multidisciplinary Platform Boards or Aalto Sustainability Hub Board.  Each Platform/Hub ranks their applications, and the final decision is made by the Vice President for Research. The applicants will be informed via email about the outcome of the decision  ~November 2019.

For further information please contact:

Experience platform: markus.ahola@aalto.fi (Markus Ahola, tel. +358 504011435)

Digi platform: krisztina.cziner@aalto.fi (Krisztina Cziner, tel +358 50 316 10 28)

Energy platform: samuel.cross@aalto.fi (Samuel Cross, tel. +358 509 6615)

Health platform: markus.m.makela@aalto.fi (Markus Mäkelä, tel. +358 50 520 7770)

Living+ platform: aija.staffans@aalto.fi (Aija Staffans, tel. +358 40 516 4142)

Materials platform: heidi.henrickson@aalto.fi (Heidi Henrickson, tel. +358 46 920 5336)

Sustainability hub: taru.henriksson@aalto.fi   (Taru Henriksson, tel. +358 505289081)

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