Aalto X Reality


TUE 23.10.2018

16.30 – 20.00

How can content creators help co-design future immersive technologies?
How do you design an immersive and captivating virtual environment?
What are the possibilities of industry applications of augmented stories and technology?

Aalto X Reality after work offers an exciting glance at the intersection of story-telling and virtual and augmented technologies. We showcase the latest research and artistic explorations in the field and invite professionals, artists, graduate students and researchers to network and discuss the possibilities of a world that blurs the digital and the biological.

The event is free of charge, but please sign up for catering purposes – a light buffet dinner and a glass of wine will be provided!
Sign up here by 16 October.

Do you have exciting problems to solve?
We invite industry experts to challenge our researchers and artists. On registration, you can file a request to present an ignite talk where you introduce a problem that puzzles you – be it technical, content-related, or philosophical! It’s a convenient way to quickly discover experts relevant to your field and inspire discussions.

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