Course materials on UX evaluation methods

High quality user experience (UX) has become a central competitive factor for product development in mature consumer markets. Improving UX of systems requires evaluation, but traditional usability testing methods are not adequate for evaluating UX. There is a growing need to learn new methods for studying user experience, i.e. for investigating how people feel about the tested system.

On this site, we have published information on 80+ UX evaluation methods addressing the above need. We have also given courses and tutorials on the types of UX evaluation methods available. Now this course material is available under creative commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. We hope the material will help in teaching UX evaluation and benefit both industry and academia.



You can also contact us to have a guest lecture with this material:

Different versions of this course material has been presented on university classes by the authors and in the following academic conferences:

  • SAICSIT 2010
  • NordiCHI 2010
  • INTERACT 2011
  • CHI 2012
  • CHI 2013



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