Employee experience in platform economy and the changing world of work

Contact person
Prof. Johanna Moisander

Potential supervisors
Prof. Johanna Moisander
Prof. Kirsi Eräranta
Prof. Pekka Pälli
Prof. Virpi Roto

Employee experience in platform economy and the changing world of work

Scholars have recently called attention to changes that are currently taking place in the world of work. Many observers have pointed out the gradual demise of the stable bureaucratic employment contract and the proliferation of various forms of contingent work and flexible market-mediated work arrangements, such as algorithmically managed, platform-mediated ‘on-demand’ and ‘gig-work.’ While some scholars embrace these developments as people taking their careers into their own hands as micro-entrepreneurs, others point to the potentially negative outcomes that these changes involve, such as the rise of polarized and precarious employment systems and increased income inequality. The critics of the emerging ‘gig economy,’ in particular, have argued that the changes in employment relations should not be viewed as inevitable consequences of technological change; the ongoing transformations should rather be examined as complex outcomes of strategic action and power struggles at the individual, organizational, and societal level.

We invite proposals for PhD projects (particularly applications to Aalto University School of Business Doctoral Program) that set out to explore and better understand these changes from the perspective of employee experience, particularly in the context of platform organizations and sharing/platform/gig economy. Possible topics for the PhD proposal include but are not limited to the following themes:

  • Emotions and employee experience
  • Spatial and sociomaterial practices of organizing employee experience
  • Affect and embodied employee experience
  • Gender, power and identity in employee experience
  • Racial power relations and employee experience
  • Temporal dimensions of employee experience
  • Experiential foundations of strategic foresight and the transformation of work
  • Methods and methodologies for exploring affective, socio-cultural, and intersubjective dimensions of employee experience

Submission of applications

The applications for this topic should be submitted to Aalto University School of Business Doctoral Program by January 10, 2019. Please contact prof. Johanna Moisander well in advance before submitting your application.


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