For technology or experience?

13.30 – 16

Aalto University, Otakaari 1 (Y203a, 2. Krs) Otaniemi, Espoo.

We have the pleasure to have two true experts of user experience visiting Aalto University at the same time, so you are warmly welcome to this event to see how they think about designing technology and user experiences.

Please register to the event before 12.8.2018

Arriving by metro: Aalto University metro station is located in 150 m.
Arriving by car: Please Aalto University campus has limited amount of parking places. Please see the map for nearest parking places.


13:30 Opening, Virpi Roto & Markus Ahola, Aalto Experience Platform
13:40 User experience in automated contexts – From factory to automobiles, Prof. Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Salzburg University, Austria
14:40 Coffee
15:00 True happiness this way lies – designing technology with wellbeing in mind, Prof. Marc Hassenzahl, University of Siegen, Germany

Dr. Alexander Meschtscherjakov is Assistant Professor at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science Department of Salzburg University. He is Deputy Director of the Center for HCI, leading the Car Interaction Lab and member of the senat of Salzburg University. With the increasing of automation in different contexts (e.g. industry 4.0 or automated driving) Alexander is researching how user experience is affected by automation and who to design interaction for an automated world.

“Digitization and industry 4.0 automation plays an increasingly important role in working environments. What are the effects of automation on user experience, user acceptance and trust? How do ethical standards and legislation need to change to manage the transformation from an analog working environment to a digitised one? This talk will bridge the findings from the emerging field of automated vehicles to working environments and discuss their implications.”

Dr. Marc Hassenzahl is professor for “Ubiquitous Design / Experience and Interaction” at the University of Siegen, Germany. With his group of designers and psychologists, he explores the theory and practice of designing pleasurable, meaningful and transforming interactive technologies. Marc is author of “Experience Design. Technology for all the right reasons” (MorganClaypool) and many peer-reviewed papers at the seams of psychology, design research and interaction/industrial design.

“While technology always claims to serve humans, often it rather doesn’t. This is because the design of technology is not based on a profound understanding of human flourishing and wellbeing. This must change. Instead of going on to acquire all the right technology for all the wrong reasons, we must put wellbeing first and reinvent the way technology is designed and used.”;

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