Physical materials in experience design

Contact person
Prof. Virpi Roto

Potential supervisors
Prof. Lily Diaz-Kommonen
Prof. Mark Hughes
Prof. Pirjo Kääriäinen
Prof. Orlando Rojas

Physical materials in experience design

Human experiences can be influenced by physical materials used in design. This doctoral thesis focuses on the role of physical materials in enabling specific kinds of experiences, such as relaxation or inspiration. The research should focus on one or more sustainable materials, either traditional such as wood, or new such as biomaterials. The application domains can vary (e.g., urban planning, interior design, wellbeing, fashion items, art), as long as the design goal is primarily an experience (how does it feel), not practical utility (how does it work). The background of a successful candidate needs to be in line with the material(s) and application domain(s) chosen for the study, and the candidate needs to demonstrate understanding of experience design.

Submission of applications

Aalto School of Arts, Design, and Architecture handles the applications for this topic. Applications should be submitted by January 10, 2019. Please carefully study the instructions for submission of applications, and contact prof. Virpi Roto well in advance before submitting your application.


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