UX Measurement Attitudes Survey (UXMAS)

User Experience (UX), as a research area in the field of HCI, has a relatively short history but a long list of issues to be resolved. Apart from the thorny definitional issue, the measurement issue entails further exploration. It can be argued from both the theoretical and practical perspective. With this survey we aim to develop a deeper understanding of different attitudes of HCI researchers/practitioners and designers towards UX measurement.

Where? http://www.cs.le.ac.uk/people/lcl9/uxsurvey.html

When? Now till 1st August 2012 (Wed)

How? The survey consists of 3 demographic questions and 13 main questions on UX. It will take approximately 20 minutes to answer them. Please elaborate your responses as detailed as possible.

Who? Effie Law, University of Leicester, UK; Virpi Roto, Aalto University, Finland

We will highly appreciate your generous support to this study.


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