7 Experiences – Aalto Experience Summit workshops

/ UPDATE: The workshops are full now and the registration for the workshop was closed August 5th. /

 7 workshops will gather together a small number of experts from different disciplines to discuss the future of the experience research field. When there are more enrollees than we can fit in, the participants will be chosen based on their expertise. We hope to include both junior and senior researchers in each workshop.

  1. Theories of Experience 

Why do we need theories for experience research, or do we? Which theories are applicable in which discipline? Chairs:

  1. Evaluating experiences

How to measure or collect feedback on experiences? What can we learn from other disciplines? Chairs:

  1. Creating experiences (art, products, spaces, events, …)

What kind of experiences are created in different disciplines, and for what purpose? How to design for experiences? Chairs:

  1. Mapping experience research

Which disciplines publish research related to experience(s)? What are the topics? Should we establish a more coherent field of experience research, bridging diverse fields? Chairs:

  1. Publishing experience research

How can we improve successful publishing of experience research? How to make experience research findable across disciplines? Chairs:

  1. Societal impact – Experience research for grand challenges

What is the raison d’être for experience research? What kinds of grand challenges experience research can tackle? Chairs:

  1. Experience research agenda

What are the open research challenges and related research objectives shared among the different disciplines? Chairs:

The Aalto hosts will chair each workshop and will contact the participants a few weeks before the workshop for a preparatory task. This will ensure an effective workshop within a short time.   The workshops will run for one hour after the keynote talks. You may mark multiple workshops that you would like to attend, and you can attend a different workshop each day. For each workshop, the hosts will select a mix of c.a. 15 participants with differing expertise, discipline, and the phase of career.

/ UPDATE: Please note that the registrations to the workshops are no longer processed, the deadline was August 5th.  /

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