3E (Expressing Experiences and Emotions)


3E (Expressing Experiences and Emotions) can be used during field studies to collect information about users’ experiences and emotions in semi-structured way.


3E (Expressing Experiences and Emotions) uses a template on which users draw and write their experiences and emotions about the evaluated application during a field study. The basic template includes a stick figure with an empty face and a speech and thought balloon that users can fill in. The template is typically a part of diary data.


People can freely express their feelings in a non-serious format, both verbal and non-verbal.


Analysing the drawings & writings is rather laborious and interpretation errors may occur. The data is on paper, so researchers need to wait for some days until the papers are delivered to them.

References describing the method

Tahti, M., Arhippainen, L., 2004. A Proposal of collecting Emotions and Experiences. Volume 2 in Interactive Experiences in HCI, pp. 195–198.


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