Experience Colours!


Wed 7th November 2018
13:00 – 20:00


Espoo City Theatre, Revontulentie 8, 02100 Espoo

Welcome to Aalto University Experience Platform’s event on colours. Colours have a great effect on human experiences and are studied across the disciplines from art and architecture to branding and psychology. The Experience Colours! event colours the Finnish grey season and introduces a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary colour research with international keynotes and networking opportunities between academia and industry, as well as between different disciplines.

Free of charge networking event is open for everybody and organized in collaboration with Aalto University Experience Platform, The International Theatre of Finland, Aalto University Colour Research Group, and the Finnish Colour Association


Event is free of charge and open for everybody interested of colours. Please register through this link latest on Tuesday 23.10.2018.


Richard Misek, Film-maker, montagist, and theorist, University of Kent
Kennet Vrågård,
Global Key Account Manager – Architecture, Design & Coatings, Natural Colour System
Hélène de Clermont, Make-up R & D laboratory manager, Chanel
Coca-Cola Company / Mikko Hakkarainen, Creative Director, Miltton Creative
Harald Arnkil, Senior University Lecturer in colour studies, Aalto University /  Finnish Colour Association
Saara Pyykkö
, President, Finnish Colour Association / Doctoral student, Aalto University
Maria Olkkonen, Professor in visual cognition, University of Durham, Researcher / Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki
Olli Ikkala, Professor in molecular materials, Aalto University
Paula Hohti-Erichsen, Professor in History of Art and Culture, Aalto University
Leena Tähkämö, Postdoctoral researcher in lighting, Aalto University

Noora Yau
, Colour designer, Aalto University
Konrad Klockars, Doctoral student in biomaterials, Aalto University

Please see events Facebook page for speaker introductions.

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