Game experience questionnaire (GEQ)


The questionnaire consists of different modules: 1) Core module – concers actual experiences during game play; 2) social presence module – concerns gaming with others; 3) post game module – conserns experiences once a player has stopped gaming.


the questionnaire can be applied after playing the game, several times over a longer period – also to see the changes in the experience. It is applicable for lab and field evaluation studies


Captures the game experience based on a number of items (such as positive affect, comptence, immersion, flow, challenge); Captures also the playing experience when playing with others, as well as the post-playing experience; A special variation for kids was developed; Easily to apply as extension for lab and field studies


Some items are difficult to fill in by participants when they only have a short time available to play the game (e.g. in lab settings)

References describing the method
IJsselsteijn, W.A., de Kort, Y.A.W. & Poels, K. (in preparation). The Game Experience Questionnaire: Development of a self-report measure to assess the psychological impact of digital games. Manuscript in preparation.


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