MAX – Method of Assessment of eXperience


The MAX is a post-use method for evaluating the general experience through cards with an avatar and a board. MAX can be applied after the use of mockups, prototypes, interactive systems, or any artifact that user can interact with. It has four categories, which are represented on the board by questions that guide the user at the evaluation: (a) Emotion: What did you feel when using it?, (b) Ease of Use:Was it easy to use?; (c) Usefulness: Was it useful? and (e) Intention to Use: Would you wish to use it?


MAX aplication: (a) The user experiments the evaluated artifact; (b) The user selects cards and then place them on the board; Finally (c) the evaluator analyzes the selection and makes questions. A picture of the board with cards may be taken.


Strenghts about the method: (a) It’s a quick, easy and dinamic method; (b) It returns general experience of the user about the evaluated artifact; (c) The evaluators do not need to be experts; (d) It is useful for validating ideas also;


The method returns the general experience of the user, but it does not return usability issues with more details. Also, it uses many cards, what can be a problem during the management by evaluators and users.

References describing the method

CAVALCANTE, EMANUELLE ; RIVERO, LUIS ; CONTE, TAYANA . MAX: A Method for Evaluating the Post-use User eXperience through Cards and a Board. In: The 27th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 2015. v. 1. p. 495-500.

References about quality of the method

CAVALCANTE, EMANUELLE ; RIVERO, LUIS ; CONTE, TAYANA . Evaluating the Feasibility of MAX: A Method Using Cards and a Board for Assessing the Post-Use UX. In: International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 25(09n10):1759-1764 · October 2015


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